Green Life Inmuno Tea Bags (25 per Box)


Hemp without seeds organic 50%

Thyme leaf and stem 15%

Rosemary leaf 13%

Oregano leaf 12%

Echinacea plant  10%

Less 0.2%THC

Daily dose 3 teabags (Do not exceed recommended daily allowance.)


Keep out of reach of small children.

Keep out fo direct sunlight.

How to use

Place one teabag in a cup

Add boiling water 200ml

Add a few drops of whole milk to help the dissolution of the CBD.

Let it brew for 3-5minutes.

Our CBD products are a dietary supplement.

Best to consult your doctor before introducing a new supplement into your diet and to ensure CBD will not interact with any medication you’re being prescribed.

Don’t use our CBD products if pregnant or breastfeeding.

We make no health claims about our CBD products.