THE PLENTY (Irish Plug)

It’s a Plug in Dry Herb Vaporizer built for Daily Use.

Has an extra wide Filling Chamber for easy use.

Tasty Flavour from the Powerful Heating Chamber with a cooling taste.

Safe Operation with Independent Temperature Control and Automatic Shutoff.

Heats the Herb but does not burn the Herb.

THE PLENTY promises to give a Tasteful & Smooth long lasting vaporization experience for both experienced vapers & beginners


For Best Temperature For Herbs is Between 180 Degrees & 210 Degrees adjusted according in this temperature range for the desired Effect & Flavour.


Suitable for Dry Herbs

Not Suitable for Tobacco or nicotine

In Box

1 PLENTY (Irish Plug)

1 Vaporization Unit

1 Tubing Section, long

1 Tubing Section, short

3 Normal Screen

1 Herb Mill

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Instructions for Use

2 year warranty + 1 year warranty upon registration (Normal Use)