Sativa 25% / Indica 75%

OG Kush cannabis seeds are a must in the catalogue of any self-respecting seed bank. She’s not only one of the most requested strains in California and, therefore, in the entire world, but also the winner of the ‘Best strain of all times’ title issued by the cannabis bible High Times. It´s Indica dominated, can be grown indoors and outdoors. Easy to grow and fast flowering. Produces compact resinous buds with such a strong aroma that it requires the use of anti-odour filters. OG Kush seeds produce good results indoors, especially in small places and using the SOG method.

The aroma and flavour of this strain are intensely fruity, with notes of diesel fuel, fruits of the forest and citrus. It´s powerful effect is essentially cerebral and rapidly evolves towards a heavy and relaxing high.

O.G Kush Fem ~ 3 Seeds


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    CBD and CBG have helped my chronic pain a lot. Amazing company with excellent customer service!