Sativa 60% / Indica 40%

New York Diesel is one of the most popular varieties of marijuana with Sativa predominance. Its origin comes from a Mexican sativa,  and Afghani and Hawaiian Indicas. It was awarded as second best in High Times Cannabis Sativa in 2001, 2003 and 2004. Today it remains one of the favorites in the coffeeshops in the Netherlands.

It takes place in a plant of medium / large stature. Outdoors it can reach up to 3 meters high, inside an average of 1.2 m. Has few leaves, but there are thick and large, and tend to turn purple / violet  when approaching harvest. It has high productivity of about 500 grams per m2. Flowering period of 10-12 weeks.

Its flavor and aroma are fruity, with notes of ripe red grapefruit. With a very low CBD content, its effect is more cerebral than physical. Perfect to enjoy with friends after a hard day’s work.

NY Diesel Fem ~ 3 Seeds


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    CBD and CBG have helped my chronic pain a lot. Amazing company with excellent customer service!