The Mega effect night cream is formulated specailly for applying at night time. 
Contains CBD & Hemp Oil extracts for the best skin nourishing results. 

Making your skin renewed, pleasant and glowing. 

The night cream is enriched with Vitamin C & E and contains Hyaluronic Acid UV Filters Shea Butter & Aloe -Vera extract.

Made by Plant of Life Cannabinoiging People.  

MEGA EFFECT Night Cream 50ml

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    150 Product ratings

    CBD and CBG have helped my chronic pain a lot. Amazing company with excellent customer service!


    150 Product ratings

    While cheaper than some of the other jelly options, critical mass still packs a calming punch! (Pardon the pun) Excellent value and obviously good quality with terpenes and dark/nutty tones to taste and smell. Well worth it if you need a relaxing dose; thanks to CHP, easy going, reliable and friendly. Top class service 👌🏻