Indica 75% Sativa 25%

Master Wax is a medium-sized, fast-flowering plant that produces generous crops of resinous, thick and compact buds. Master Wax comes from the combination of a Nicole Kush and a Kosher Kush. It is the most suitable to extract excellent resin.

Master Wax Feminized has an aroma and flavor with notes of lemon, oil and exotic woods. The effect is long-lasting and soothing.

Master Wax is a cannabis variety that develops well both indoors and outdoors in temperate / Mediterranean climates or in a greenhouse.
Some phenotypes acquire blue tones during flowering.

Master Wax Fem ~ 3seeds


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    150 Product ratings

    CBD and CBG have helped my chronic pain a lot. Amazing company with excellent customer service!


    150 Product ratings

    While cheaper than some of the other jelly options, critical mass still packs a calming punch! (Pardon the pun) Excellent value and obviousl