Cheese Feminised is a variety that was discovered during the aging process of the famous Skunk, in the 70s. Having a very characteristic smell and flavor, it was decided to isolate these strains to reproduce them as a unique variety for their style, with their own unmistakable character.

Sativa 40% Indica60%

Cheese is a very suitable variety for indoors cultivation. It produces in only 8 weeks of flowering, reaching a quite high production, between 400-500g per m2. This variety is by far the most smoked and appreciated in England and has also conquered many smokers around the world.

In general, it can be said that it is a strong and compact plant that ends the season without many problems of resistance to pests.

It has a flavor that can not be confused; It is sweet, very aromatic in its notes of cured cheese with an earthy and persistent touch on the palate. If what you are looking for is Cheese flavor, it will easily become one of your favorite varieties.

Cheese Fem 3 Seeds


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