SAtiva 65% Indica 35%

Ak 49 is a type of marijuana with Sativa dominance that is based on AK47 cross.

Perfect to grow indoors, in greenhouse or hydroponic. Outside it can survive only in mild climates.

A spicy aroma reminiscent of Skunk, sandalwood but the flavour is sweet and floral. THC level is high –  20%

He develops into a medium height plant , power packed, resinous plant and carries compact buds that bristle with hairs and glistening trichomes. It produces very generous crops, although flowering time is reduced. Has buds full of resin that can make an excellent hash.

AK-49 Fem 3 Seeds

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    150 Product ratings

    CBD and CBG have helped my chronic pain a lot. Amazing company with excellent customer service!


    150 Product ratings

    While cheaper than some of the other jelly options, critical mass still packs a calming punch! (Pardon the pun) Excellent value and obviously good quality with terpenes and dark/nutt